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smiling apple teeth

Healthy Kids Snack: Smiling Apple Teeth

Have you ever tried to find a healthy kids snack that is simple enough that they can make themselves? These smiling apple teeth are so cute and delicious and the kids had a great time making them yesterday! Alicia is old enough to be able to cut the apples and…

fun with gourds

Kids Activity: Fun with Gourds

Fall is right around the corner and corn mazes and gourds are a fun way to have some fun learning about the change in seasons. We found this cute little gourd and decided it was time to have a little run with gourds and make this spectacular duck display for…

classic peach pie

Easy Classic Peach Pie Recipe

My mom came up to visit last week and brought a ton of fantastic peaches and I decided it was time to put together a Classic Peach Pie for everyone to enjoy! The weather is atrociously hot so we are stuck inside most of the day. My hubbie was just…

summertime snowman

Kids Activity: Summertime Snowman Activity

So we came home from the store today and it was HOT HOT HOT….. the “feels like it” temp. was 107 degrees F.! Really I’m not even kidding when I say that when you walk outside it feels like someone is laying a wet, hot blanket on top of you….