• FREE Printable Non-Candy Valentines
  • Shape and Color Printables
  • Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable
  • 7 Ways to Make Chores Fun For Kids
  • Calling All Oreo Lovers! Oreo Truffles No Bake Dessert

FREE Printable Non-Candy Valentines

free printable non-candy valentines

So many Holidays are based around children getting candy. Between Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day I wonder sometimes how my children’s teeth are not rotting out. It’s really nice to see some printable non-candy valentines to choose from to send with the kiddos for Valentines Day as a good alternative to sending a bunch […]

Shape and Color Printables

shapes and colors printable

We have really been working on our shapes and colors with Charlee Ann and I made these bright and colorful shape and color printables that I thought you would like to use with your pre-schooler. Children just love doing work sheets at home with mom and dad and they are sure to love completing these […]

Valentine’s Day Word Search Printable

Valentine's Day Word Search Printable

I can’t believe Valentines Day is just around the corner! Boy, time flys when you have a three year old and a teen at the same time!! I figured it was about time to start doing a little decorating in pink and red and doing some great kids activities geared toward the upcoming Holiday. Here […]

7 Ways to Make Chores Fun For Kids

Little housekeeping fairy girl tired of home chores - doing the dishes

When you have kids making them do their chores turns into a big chore for you. Remove some of the headache from getting the chores done by changing up a few things.  Try one or all of these suggestions to make chore time a little less of a struggle.   Whistle while you work- We […]

Calling All Oreo Lovers! Oreo Truffles No Bake Dessert

no bake dessert oreo truffles

The only thing that tops an Oreo Cookie is an easy Oreo Cookie made into a no bake dessert!! With only 3 ingredients this heavenly no bake dessert will have your family wanting more! It’s a great recipe and so easy to do that the kiddos can help. There is nothing my kids like more […]

Best of the Best Chicken Wing Recipes

chicken wing recipes

We are gearing up for the Super Bowl and we really love spending time picking out our snacks for the big day! My daughter has been searching the internet for the best of the best chicken wing recipes to try out and I figured I would share them with you. She just had her gall […]